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Oh, Mondays. August 28, 2012

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It was a beautiful, sunny Monday morning here near the Cascades; I started out my day waking up my youngest brother (who is 16 years old) per his request because he wanted to have a cup of tea with me before I went off to work. We sound like we should be from England, huh? But we’re just like that…he’s one of my closest friends, and I’m a lucky older sister to have him. So I got him up around 6am, got ready, and had a delicious cup of English Breakfast tea.

It was a wonderful start to a typically dreaded morning. I don’t know about you, but it’s so much harder to wake up Monday morning than any other day of the week. How to I make that a little better? Starting my morning off with something I enjoy, and something that is typically out of the ordinary. Gave my day a good kick in the pants – and guess what? I had a great rest of the day!

Work wasn’t too bad today; a little on the busy side, but not terrible. Working in a call center, sometimes to be busy is nice as it makes the day go so much faster. Funny, isn’t it? How we want the day to go so much faster at work, then beg for them to slow down any other day?

Here’s your homework for tomorrow…do something out of the norm – take a moment for tea, travel a different way to work, play some music that you haven’t heard in a while…but do something different that you will enjoy, and let me know how it changes your mood for the rest of the day. I recommend doing it before your regular activities – I recommend before work, school, etc. Hold on to the feeling of relaxation or happiness as much as you can for the day. Comment and let me know how it went!

My Monday was one of the better ones I have had in a while, and I’m hoping the rest of the week is the same. To all of you, have a beautiful evening, and an even brighter tomorrow.



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