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The emotions of a song. November 4, 2012

(The music while reading this helps bring out the emotion. Please enjoy.)

It’s like I’m running through a city; New York and no one can hear me scream and cry for someone to help me. I just want help…All I need is someone to talk to and no one will listen to me.

I need something solid…Something real to grab onto so that I can stay afloat. New York has turned into a huge ocean, and I am trying to swim, but I can’t keep up with the water. I don’t want to drown; I don’t want to leave yet. I haven’t lived, I haven’t done nearly enough in my life. I want to get married, raise a family, and love them forever and never let them go.

Why can’t anyone hear me?! I’m screaming so loud! I’m looking right at people, and they look at me, but it’s like I’m not even there. Don’t let me drown in all of this! Don’t let the pressure of the water take me under! The faster I swim, the more the water pushes from behind me, and rushes waves over the top of me, pulling me down. I can get up to breath, but then I’m pulled away again.

New York is dark; I am alone. There is no one. The water has faded, but the city changes again. The lights have all disappeared in the buildings, and one by one, the street lamps are failing. No cars, no people, nothing. I look down, and the feeling of loneliness washes over me like one of the waves. A tear drop falls to the ground, and the rain begins to pour all around me. I can’t move. I can’t will my feet to take a step, and the rain continues to soak every inch of me.

I can no longer tell the difference between my tears and the raindrops. The harder I cry, the faster the rain falls. Sobs become lightening, and I can’t stop. Every ache, every pain flows out of me and into the rain collecting at my feet. The rain pounds harder and harder, but suddenly, there’s no more. Everything slows, until I finally bring my head up. And there she is.

The rain ceases, and the city brightens once again. She stands in the shadow of the street lights, and she is the only one. Everything is quiet, and she walks up to me, and takes my hand.

“It’s okay. I’m here.”

My whole body shakes with relief and longing. I sag into her arms, and we fall to our knees. She has saved me. Suddenly, the tears flow again, but this time, I’m not alone.

I breathe in the smell of her hair, and I feel the warmth of her touch. I can feel her smile, and I know her heart. The sun rises over the water, and we stare into the ocean. I feel free.

With her, I feel infinite.

(This is a creative writing I did based on the above song, and the emotions that I felt completely rolling out of me while I listened. Of course, it’s abstract, but it moved me to tears as I wrote it.)


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