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Day one: Good God, what did I get myself into… February 4, 2013

Picture this: You’re at the grocery store. Organic kiwi? Great! Organic tomatoes? Swell! Organic eggs? Excellent! Right on target! You head over to the meat department, and you’re feeling pretty damn confident about the entire shopping experience so far. Bacon…bacon…hmmm…This one has sugar in it…so does this one…? AND THIS ONE?! What kind of madness is this????

That was tonight’s shopping experience in a nutshell.

I nearly had a melt down in the meat department at Fred Meyer. Chicken wasn’t a problem, but hamburger, sausage, and bacon were horrible. I was only being picky because I still have to last until payday on Friday, so I didn’t want to completely break my budget, but goodness gracious, I hate that it is so expensive to NOT have chemicals or tons of sugar in my food! Not to mention, I ate bacon this morning not knowing that it was cured with sugar. Ugh. This is tough…very tough.

I did, however, feel successful in my attempt to “clarify” my butter (the process of separating the actual butter from the milk proteins). It was a pain at first, until I finally found my cheese cloth and was able to complete the process. I could DEFINITELY taste the difference between the clarified organic butter and regular, plain butter. I like the former MUCH better! (Butter…Parkay….[does anyone remember that commercial??]).

Anyways, today was fairly successful, with exception to the bacon mishap this morning. I had a salad for lunch with olive oil, then I had two eggs with a grapefruit for dinner. I feel great! I didn’t drink very much water though, which I’m going to fix tomorrow. I just was lazy and didn’t take my water bottle to fill it. Shame on me!

I was ALSO good this evening and pre-made tomorrow’s lunch so that I can just grab it and go in the morning. I think tomorrow’s breakfast will be a green smoothie, so that it is quick and easy. I’m pretty excited that I bought kiwis. Yum! I was happy to see them on the approved Whole30 shopping list. Same with grapefruit…I love fruit, and I’m glad that I don’t have two give up some of the good ones!

I’m not going to deny it at all…I was seriously thinking today of just saying “Nope…I can’t do this. I will go back to paleo, but I can’t do this Whole30 crap. It’s too hard.” But, I remembered that this is good for me. It is not hard to say no to bad foods and go for better ones instead. It. Is. Not. HARD. As long as I keep that in mind when I’m making food choices, I think I will be okay.

I also wanted to say a huge thanks to all the wonderful comments and support I have gotten lately! You guys are my biggest support system, as my mom is currently trying to talk me out of what I’ve been doing. “You should try that Medi-fast drink diet!” Yeah…that will NEVER happen. “I’ve read a lot of bad things about paleo diets…” No, you haven’t. There is nothing, NOTHING wrong with eating whole, healthy foods. It is really hard to eat “clean” when you live in a house with four other people that eat crap food. These 30 days are going to be a huge test of my will power. I think I should be able to make it through!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!!

Keep calm and rock on,





2 Responses to “Day one: Good God, what did I get myself into…”

  1. sarajw91 Says:

    I fail to see anything wrong with the whole foods… I mean studying health kind of stuff always gets back to eating whole grains, unprocessed foods. It really is best and totally sustainable. I totally feel your pain of not finding stuff that isn’t super processed or having sugar, Fred Meyer may not be the best choice…
    That being said, I know you don’t live where I do. There are a few organic market places in my area with healthier meat selections and a lot of the frozen stuff they sell don’t have preservatives. Keep up the good work! I’m cheering for you!

  2. lostinalife – congratulations! I have so much respect for you. I have yet to start my completely overhauled diet… VERY intimidating. But, I will soon. Thanks for helping me see it is possible. If only one day at a time 🙂 Another note on the sugar front – I just realized this was such a big problem! And shared some of my insights in my latest blog post (http://chasingwellbeing.com/2013/01/30/were-all-addicted-to-crack/), including a link to a Chobani Greek Yogurt lawsuit because of the lengths they went to hide it! It shouldn’t be THIS hard to eat healthy! Anyway, keep up the awesome progress!! I hope to follow in your steps soon.

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