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Day Three: *le sigh* February 6, 2013

I never knew it was possible to feel so defeated and empowered at the same exact time.

On one side, I feel so HAPPY that I’m doing well and not deviating from my plan. It’s difficult, and I feel such a daily sense of victory when I can report that I’ve done well. On the other side, my brain feels completely defeated when I say things like “No no, we can’t eat that chocolate! We can’t have that Rockstar!” I was offered chocolate today by a friend at work and it took ALL my strength to say no, and walk away again.

I’m pretty sure I have a death wish, though. I mean…Whole30 during VALENTINE’S DAY??? What was I thinking??!! I’m clearly a psycho. That’s just got to be the answer. AND I have a date-like thingy a few days after Valentine’s day, and I want to take her out for coffee (first date…*blush*). I suppose I can order tea instead. I’m not even honestly sure if this is a date. I *think* it is, but the words “I can’t wait for our date” haven’t been spoken. Ugh. Yeah. Anyways…

So, today went fairly well. I ate a good breakfast, good lunch, and haven’t yet gotten to dinner, but I’m not that hungry. I’m thinking just a grapefruit will suffice. That actually sounds really good. I think I’ll make that the plan. Either way, I feel good!

I’m going to make this short and sweet tonight, so we’ll chat tomorrow!

Keep calm and rock on,




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