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I will never give up. I promise. March 18, 2013

Clearly, I’ve been gone a while. Again.

One day I just stopped focusing on what I was doing. I stopped eating right, and I stopped caring. Unfortunately, that lasted a while. Well over a month. I don’t have an excuse for giving up, but I do have good news: I’m not done trying.

I’m ready to jump back on the horse, and I’m happy about it. Two of my best friends are jumping on with me, and I’m pretty hopeful that we’ll keep going until we’re done. To start again, I’ll be joining Weight Watchers Online. I know from past experiences that it works very well, and I’m excited to re-join. I enjoy their programs, and it’s easy to stick too, as long as you have the motivation in mind.

I’m sad that I looked in the mirror today and hated what I saw. I saw beautiful blue eyes, long red hair, but a body that drowned all that out. I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I want to look in the mirror for once and smile and think “Look how far you’ve come!”

I’ll get there, because I will never give up. I promise.



3 Responses to “I will never give up. I promise.”

  1. Don’t worry; you’ll get where you want to go. It’s a hard fight, but worthwhile, and you get stronger as you go along. You haven’t given up, and you won’t! 🙂

  2. lolomonroe Says:

    Eating right is the hardest part for me. You have to let us know how weight watchers goes. I’ve been considering it too

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