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New iPod, and starting Weight Watchers tomorrow. March 20, 2013

Yesterday I won a 30GB 5th Gen. iPod Classic on eBay for such a good price. I’m thinking I’ll be taking a lot more walks around the block now that I have portable music. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Tomorrow, I will be starting Weight Watchers Online. I’m actually pretty excited; I feel like it’s going to be good this time around. I’m pretty ready to get serious about this whole thing again. It’s been depressing to think of all the things I have struggled with and can’t do anymore because of the amount of weight I’ve gained. I hate being out of breath after climbing just one flight of stairs, or having to struggle with certain car seatbelts because they’re just barely big enough…it’s incredibly upsetting, but it’s all my fault. I’m ready to fix this.

I have put a motivation board up in my room to keep me going even when times get a little tough. I have my goal weight written on it, and I have taped a picture of a beautiful dress that I want when I reach my goal. It also has a few motivational sayings to help remind me to stay on track. I’ll keep adding to it as I go!

That’s really all I have for the night…I’ll keep you posted 🙂

(PS – I still haven’t gone on Facebook since I first started posting about my weight loss…still need to lose 100lbs to go on there! I haven’t given that part up 🙂 )


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