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Day 1: Continued April 16, 2013

It is now the end of my first day of fasting with fresh juice. I have not eaten solid food since 1pm yesterday afternoon, and so far, I’m doing alright.

I’m not going to lie…today wasn’t a walk in the park at all. I had a dull headache off and on all day, my mind has been a little foggy, and my muscles are a little achy. It’s not horrible, but it’s enough to notice. I was hungry a good part of the day, but again…it wasn’t bad. It was easy enough to be able to push through and ignore.

I’m a little nervous for tomorrow, because I know it’s going to get a little harder. At the same time, I look forward to saying that I’ve completed two whole days. I’m trying to take this just one day/one thought at a time, because I find the thought of doing this for 10 days and not eating completely weird and scary. I know that’s probably horrible, but it’s true. But, all I can do is see how I feel 10 days from now.

That’s really about it…there’s nothing much to report. I’m doing okay, and I’ll get through these first few days. We’ll see you tomorrow!




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