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Day 1: Video Blog Fail. April 16, 2013

I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy 23 year old. I’ve been around computers all my life. But for the life of me, I could NOT figure out how to post my video last night. I tried uploading it directly into the blog, but it was too big. So then I tried to upload to Youtube, and it would have taken almost 8 HOURS to finish uploading. Seriously…WTF? How do you guys do this???

Anyways…It’s about 7:30 am, and I’m still finishing up my morning juice. I was a little hungry after drinking the first 8 oz, because I had to get in my car and go to work before I could finish the rest. Now on the last 16oz, I’m feeling better.  I brought another 35 to 37 oz of juice with me for mid-morning and lunch, then will juice again when I get home for dinner. I also have a 64oz water bottle that I’ll be filling up and drinking throughout the day.

My feelings this morning are that I am happy to be doing this – I’m glad I took the plunge and decided to detox my body and life. It’s also still overwhelming and daunting, but I’m trying to just take things one meal at a time. I have a feeling that I will be starving before 9am, and I’m just going to have to get used to it.

To avoid having to go to the refrigerator at work (which is located in the cafeteria where all the other food is) I brought my juice in a bag that can hold ice packs to keep it cold. I’m not sure how well this will work, but I’ll give it a shot. Better than having to tempt myself with food every time I need to get some juice. This way the juice is easily accessible at my desk and I don’t even have to think about being around foods.

Well…here goes day one! I’m excited (and nervous) to see how it goes. I’ll post tonight with my thoughts Wish me luck!




Another weigh in! Doing great! April 9, 2013

Starting weight: 355lbs

Last week’s weight: 342.6lbs

Today’s weight: 341.8lbs

Total lost: 13.2lbs!

Yay! I’m quite excited at my weigh in. I know it’s less than a full pound, but any loss is good loss! Getting closer and closer to my goals! Not to mention I had completely blown my points Friday night when we went out. I would have been happy losing just an ounce, to be honest.

I had a really good birthday yesterday, and got some lovely gifts. Most notably of course are the tickets to see/meet Jillian Michaels tomorrow evening in Seattle. I’m still so freaking excited that I can hardly contain myself. I don’t know how I will get through today and tomorrow! My mom also got me a Weight Watchers cookbook. It has some really great looking recipes that I can’t wait to try! It will be nice to not eat the same things over and over again – adding a little variety will be awesome.

Mom and I are still getting up in the mornings and walking. We calculated that we walk approximately a half mile in about 10 – 11 minutes each morning, and we are thinking of making it a full mile in the next few days. Unfortunately, due to events going on this week, I won’t really be able to get a workout in until Thursday. My workout days will be Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Gotta make sure to keep moving!

I’m looking forward to asking Jillian some questions tomorrow. What’s the best exercise to start with for someone as big as I am? What exercises can I do to help burn fat quickly? Will you marry me? Oh…wait….probably shouldn’t ask that last one. That could get awkward. Regardless, the offer still stands. But what other things can should I ask? Do any of YOU have any questions you want me to get answers to?

Well, I’m happy to still be doing well and to be going on the right track. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Until then…




And the good feeling continues! April 3, 2013

I just got done with my second workout this week. The Biggest Loser Bootcamp really whipped my ass today. I wasn’t too sore after the workout yesterday, or when I woke up this morning – I am really sore (but incredibly relaxed) this time around, and I have a feeling it will be tough to walk it out tomorrow morning. My arms feel good, my core is tightening up, and I have the greatest post-workout high ever! THANK YOU ENDORPHINS!

I feel like I was able to try a little harder today than I was yesterday – I think I got a better stretch and was able to do more squats/hold them longer. I feel my muscles quivering a bit! Throughout the DVD I was kept thinking “Pain is temporary – regret will last me forever”. It’s probably my greatest motivation right now. If I don’t do it, nothing will ever change, and that won’t work for me either. All I can do is keep pushing harder and harder! I feel like I’ve totally got this!

Thank you tons everyone for being incredibly supportive! You guys totally rock and are making it so much easier for me to keep my motivation! ❤



PS – Only 4 days until my birthday!!!


Not as sore as I thought I’d be.

I woke up this morning fully expecting to hardly be able to move from my Bootcamp DVD yesterday. My mom got me up again around 4:30, and I just laid there…not wanting to move. When I finally did, I was surprised that I could move my legs and arms and abs around with very little pain. Then I thought maybe it will kick in when we start walking. I waited…and waited…and waited…nope. Didn’t happen.

I almost felt cheated, to tell you the truth. I wanted to feel the burn and remember how good it felt to work out. I wanted to feel the lingering soreness as a badge of honor to what I had accomplished the previous day. I was a little sad when I wasn’t feeling it. No matter…I’ll try again today! I will admit, the workout wasn’t nearly as hard as I always remember it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been walking a lot lately?

I’m planning on trying to do that workout every day this week, including when I am taking the day off on Friday. I am also going to try to cut back on the amount of fruit that I am eating, and focus on eating way more veggies. I definitely feel like my system is in a good working order, and I can tell that my metabolism is up because I’m hungrier throughout the day. These are definitely good signs!

As Friday draws closer and closer, I have been trying to plan ahead on how to not use up all my points while I’m out. I don’t want a night out for my birthday to ruin all my progress! Unfortunately, I think that means a shots to avoid sugary cocktails. Or no drinking at all. Which honestly doesn’t seem fun. Does anyone have ANY suggestions??? I am trying to promise myself not to blow it!

Right now, everything is going wonderfully. I feel good, and my confidence is up and at ’em! Here’s to another awesome day!





My first GOOD weigh in! April 1, 2013

Alright everyone…the results are in!

Starting Weight: 355lbs (I hate hate HATE that number)


Today’s Weight: 342.4lbs (MUCH BETTER!)

HOLY FREAKING WEIGHTLOSS, BATMAN! I have lost 12.6lbs! How about that???

Man, I feel good. Like, REALLY good. I could almost cry. I know that seems absolutely ridiculous since I still have a long way to go, but the point is that I have worked hard already for these results, and I am seriously PUMPED to work even harder!

I also reminded myself that I have 87.4lbs to go until I can go back on Facebook. To be honest, I don’t really care about Facebook much anymore. The ONLY part I am looking forward to is logging on and saying “I F***ING DID IT! HELL YEAH!!!!” Seriously. That will probably be one of the greatest feelings ever.

But, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. I do have a long ways to go until I reach my 100lb mark, but I am happy that I’m off to an amazing start, especially since it was a holiday this weekend. I’m looking forward to do well this week, and also to walking in the mornings. I’m learning to love it! It helps wake me up, and it’s making my calves start to hurt. I love when my muscles are sore from walking or working out 🙂

So, here’s to another wonderful week of awesomeness. Have a great one!!!




Pictures from my past, and another awesome day. March 26, 2013

While I was helping my mom delete a bunch of stuff from her computer, we found a folder of a ton of pictures we hadn’t seen in forever. We rummaged through it, laughing at how crazy it was that time had flown by so quickly. We found a few pictures of me from my early high school days, probably when I was a sophomore. It was amazing to see how different I looked. I was probably 100lbs lighter, to be honest, and I looked really good! I wasn’t perfect, and I still had a lot of weight to lose at the time, but it’s a night and day difference from then to now.

It made me want to keep doing this even more; it made me remember how I looked, how I felt, and how good I had it back then. It made me want to kick myself in the ass for not trying harder at the time to get healthier. Most of it, it gave me a reminder how how worth it this whole thing is. I know that when I do get to my (first) goal of losing 100lbs, I will feel so much better, and I will have way more confidence in myself. I can’t wait!

Speaking of which, today was a great day. Despite only catching a few hours of ZzzZZzz’s last night, I woke up at 4:30 again with my mom for our walk, then once again resisted the urge to fall back asleep. I pre-tracked my points on Weight Watchers for breakfast and lunch, and even had a few minutes to sit and read a new book I bought last night. I’m really not minding getting up so early. It feels good to have a decent routine!

When I weighed myself last week, I will admit that it was in the evening after I had already eaten. It was a bad time for a weight check, but I had to enter something in when I signed up for Weight Watchers again. When I weighed myself this morning, I had been down 9lbs from that starting weight. Now, I’m smart and know that my beginning weight wasn’t entirely accurate, but I also know that a few of those pounds are from watching what I eat and walking more. Regardless, it felt like I was on the right track.

This is still a “one day at a time” effort, but it’s already feeling wonderful. It feels effortless, and I think that’s the best part. Having my mom wake me up in the morning to walk is a great thing, as is planning my breakfast and lunch prior to going to work. I was hardly even hungry today between meals, AND I still have points left over for today! I think I’m starting to get the hang of it again 🙂

For now, I’m off to hit the shower and get to bed. I need to catch up on some of my missed sleep from last night. Here’s to progress!




Getting serious, and waking up early. March 25, 2013

My morning started at 4:30am, when I was jolted awake after hearing my bedroom door open. Standing in the shadows was my tired eyed mother, whispering “Get up, sis! It’s 4:30, and Chloe is whining!”

Chloe is our 14 week old golden retriever/golden lab puppy who is probably the cutest puppy we’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I love our two chihuahuas with all of my heart, but Chloe is a “real” dog, and she seemed to sense that we were waking up to spend time with her.

I got up, trying desperately to remind myself that this was going to be good for me as I slipped on my Converses. I pulled on my sweater and met my mom at the front door, Chloe in tow on her leash. The cold air (it was 35 degrees out this morning) hit my face hard, and we started on our walk. We didn’t talk a whole lot, except for a few comments about Chloe getting really excited to be outside. We walked around our block, and back home. It was only about 15 minutes, but it was enough to wake me up enough to not want to take a quick nap before getting ready for work.

Given that I was already awake, and had plenty of time to get ready, I was able to make myself a quick breakfast (an apple with two tablespoons of peanut butter), and prepare a lunch so that I didn’t have to attempt to buy something healthy at work. I made a quick tuna salad and grabbed two slices of my favorite 21 grain bread. I also grabbed a plum to bring along with me. Usually I buy both breakfast and lunch at work, approx. $10-13 per day. It felt pretty good knowing that I would be saving that cash! I also saved another $10 by parking on the street about a block away rather than parking in the garage at my work. I can see this as a great way to save about $100 a week! Who can beat that???

I also talked my mom into joining Weight Watchers Online with me. It’s SO hard to be the only person in the house to do something like this, so it will be wonderful to have her with me. It will keep me very accountable, and I know taking these walks every morning will also help. I just keep imagining myself walking off the pounds, and figuring out what keeps me full and satisfied. It will be interesting to change my relationship with food; I’m used to eating for comfort, or for boredom. I’m used to thinking “Well, I’m fat anyways, so who cares if I eat an extra piece of candy”. I’m ready to change my relationship with food to feeling better eating healthy, and only eating because I’m hungry. THAT is the part I am looking forward to the most.

So far, Monday morning is starting off incredibly well. I’m happy, I’m awake, and I’m motivated. I have all the support I need, and I’m ready to keep going!

Cheers to getting healthier!




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